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Has lack of sexual or emotional intimacy left you feeling alone and rejected?

Are you feeling resentful toward your partner because of different levels of interest in physical intimacy?

Has sex become just one more item on your to-do list?

Have you or your spouse lost interest in sex?

Are you worried about your sexual functioning?

It’s natural for two people in a relationship to have different levels of desire for sex, but when lower sex drive becomes no sex drive, that spells trouble for most couples.  People can lose interest in sex for lots of reasons – health issues, stress, a new baby – but whatever the reason, if loss of intimacy continues for too long, the special connection and even loving feelings can vanish over time.

If you are troubled by loss of intimacy in your relationship, you don’t have to settle for life with a “roommate”.  It’s not too late to re-discover the closeness and joy of a healthy sexual relationship.  Whatever the cause of your lack of physical connection, you can overcome the barriers that keep you apart, and establish a new level of intimacy.

Not all couples therapists are prepared to deal with sexual issues. If you have specific intimacy concerns, you need a therapist who understands what causes desire to wane – and what can be done to revive it. If you would like to rekindle desire in your own relationship, please call me today – I can help.

Elaine Wilco, LPC