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Low desire

In any relationship the fires of passion ebb and flow over time with the stresses of work, children, and other life obligations. Yet more and more couples are finding themselves in a low- or no-sex relationship due to one partner’s lack of desire.

Typically, when one partner experiences lack of desire, also known as low libido, the other partner still has an interest in continuing an ac­tive sexual relationship. This difference can lead to conflict, frustration, and loss of all intimacy and expressions of affection. This is a major cause of marital unhappiness and divorce.

Sometimes the high desire partner towants to send their spouse in for treatment to “be fixed”. In reality, low desire is a couples issue that needs both partners involved in treatment in order to be truly effective. With help from a therapist, couples can create a sexual relationship that is satisfying for both of them.

Some Possible Causes of low libido are:

Physical Sources: hormonal imbalance, tired­ness, illness, and medication side effects

Sexual Functioning: erectile dysfunction, rapid or inhibited ejaculation for men; orgasm, arousal, or pain issues for women

Emotional Issues: stress, anxiety, depression, inhibitions, guilt or shame

Relationship Problems: resentment, anger, conflict, disconnection, lack of communication

Trauma: history of sexual abuse or rape

Knowledge gaps: lack of information and un­derstanding about healthy sexual functioning